2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
Tina has read 0 books toward her goal of 39 books.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am currently reading a book called NUB - Story of an Ex-Cripple written by Emile Barrios. I will be posting a review of this book soon so stay tuned!

I love reading so very much. I was telling my mother last week how reading has saved my life on so many occasions - my mother keeps trying to figure out where I got this intense love of reading - as neither of my parents are readers. As a matter of fact, I was 40 when I discovered that my dad (who died when I was 11) was actually illiterate


Marie Cloutier said...

:-) i grew up with non-reader parents too- in my family it was like the "reading gene" skipped a generation. :-)

Jacquie L Reaville said...

Hey Tina just popped in here to take a look at your site from LT, really great idea of a web ring. I wasn't sure where to leave a comment so I opted for the first thing I saw, I hope its ok. Anyway I noticed on your blog roll, that you missed the j off the beginning of my site LOL. It should be http://jacbookishly.blogspot.com/. I'm now off to my bed but I'll be along tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm wandering around looking at all the blogs that have checked in at Boston Bibliphile's posts. :-)

Anonymous said...

I found books late in life and I guess you could say, both of my parents have reading disabilities. A friend turned me on to reading when I was in my 20s. My youngest two children are big readers too.

Guess it's better late than never...I mean, to think if I'd never discovered the love of books...my life would not be as full. :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi - I also found your blog at LT, and wanted to say hello! =)

Marcia said...

Hi Tina~

Wanted to thank you for starting the book blogs web ring. Stopped by after spotting your blog there. I've linked your blog on mine.

Take care,

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