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2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

REVIEW for Perfect on Paper

TITLE: Perfect on Paper
AUTHOR: Maria Murnane
DATE: 2008
GENRE: Chick Lit
RATING: 4 Stars

I was asked to review this book by the author, Maria Murnane
I am thrilled that I got the opportunity of reading Perfect On Paper, written by Maria Murnane. I have been bemoaning the decline in good chick lit for some time now. However, this book is a little gem.
It opens up with our main character, Waverly - basically getting dumped a few weeks before her upcoming marriage. As we follow her and her two best friends (as well as a variety of celebrity and non-celebrity friends) through some emotional upheaval in her professional life (I did not get that account) and some hilarious first date (never to see a second date again) stories. What I liked about this book is that although things don't seem to go all that well for Waverly in the guy dept., she always, somehow manages to put a good spin on it. The relationship she has with her friends is nice (if not a little enabling) and I have to admit that, unfortunately, for me the book was a tad unrealistic in some instances. Waverly, is 30 years old, but seems to party like she is 17! She seems to have a hungover at every turn (her boss was right! it was very unprofessional to get falling drunk at the company function) but although Waverly feels bad about it, she finds the solution by....going out for another night of drinking.
The other thing that I had a hard time believing is how 'lucky' Waverly seems to be - she always seems to 'accidentally see' the person she wants to see, or 'accidentally' gets to sit next to a celebrity on the plane, I know these are common devices in chick lit - in order to move the plot along - but they felt extremely unrealistic to me.
I didn't really care though! This book is cute, funny, refreshingly entertaining and I think it is a great chick lit read - so pick up your copy and enjoy!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good book

photoquest said...

I also done a review on this book and thought it was really cute. i liked her circle of friends and the way they stuck by her.

Library Cat said...

I have finished this book and agree with your review - I could not read it quickly enough.

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