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2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, September 22, 2008

REVIEW for Jack with a Twist

TITLE: Jack With A Twist
AUTHOR: Brenda Janowitz
DATE: 2008
GENRE: Chick Lit/Red Dress Ink
RATING: 3.5 stars
Adam at Harlequin was kind enough to send this book to me. Once again, thank you so much Adam!
I have recently reviewed Scot on the Rocks and loved it! Jack with a Twist is the follow up to this storyline.

We find again our main character Brooke. She is still working as an attorney and is now, herself, in the midst of planning her own wedding to a wonderful guy - Jack. Everything is all romantic and serene, until (and you knew there had to be one) Brooke and Jack are pitted against each other in a court law! No problem thinks Brooke.

Unfortunately! problems galore! While Brooke initially tries to take the high road (separating work and love), she soon discovers that her fiance is in it to win and will do whatever he needs to do to win (or just about). This, uncovers facets of Jack's personality that make Brooke take a step back and seriously reconsider her wedding plans.

The humor that we found in Scott on the Rocks is still present in this book, but it is somewhat toned down. Jack is more or less a pleasant character at times (a tad too sarcastic and condescending for my taste) and Brooke seems to be struggling to find her footing earlier on in the book.

The writing is witty and charming as always, but I just found as though this book just was not as heartwarming and charming as the first one in the series. Still, it was a good read and I have rated at 3.5 stars.


S. Krishna said...

I just got Scot on the Rocks, so I'm excited that Jack with a Twist is good! Great review!

Violaine said...

I guess you'd really see someone's true colors if you were pitted against them in court....Sounds terrible....However, I seems like a fun book!

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