2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

REVIEW for Stuck in Downward Dog

TITLE: Stuck in Downward Dog

AUTHOR: Chantel Simmons

GENRE: Chick Lit

RATING: 5 Stars

I rarely EVER read a book twice. I made an exception with this one. I had read this book a few years back and enjoyed it, but thought it would be fun to re-read it again since I have personally discovered the joys of Yoga and Pilates.

This book entertained me as much the first time as the second time!

Our main character Mara is basically a HUGE wimp! She coasts through life - up to the point where she gets home one day (to her dingy little basement apt) to find that the movers are there. Yep, her boyfriend has left her and moved to Calgary and taken ALL the furniture (including Mara's bed). So what does Mara do???? She basically sits on a makeshift box and stares at the floor for a while.

After some time, she decides to share her news with her two best friends. Let me tell you, if I had two best friends like that AND a boyfriend who left me and took my bed, I would be a little depressed myself. We are introduced to Mara's two friends, Olivia and Mitz who are best described as hum! let's see - shallow and self-absorbed. We are also introduced to Mara's male (and gay) friend Bradford who, in my opinion, is the only likeable character in this whole storyline.

Mara works at a job she hates and yet, she needs extra money so she starts working as a receptionist at a yoga studio. This is when things really got interesting to me. Mara starts getting involved in the art of yoga and decides that she needs to change her life and creates an OM list (to do list). As she checks things off her list (i.e. paint the apt, have a diner party), things go from bad to worse. I mean, this girl is seriously lacking in all life skills.

Yet, through all the entire book, there is something entirely likable about Mara and her desire to better herself. I am not fond of the initial reasons she has for doing this (to impress her friends) but what makes this book so readable is that you can actually see Mara's evolution from wimpy little people pleaser to a woman who finally figures out that she is worth something and does not need to always put herself down and settle for third best - and she gains much of this wisdom through her love of yoga (which is the one thing that is a constant for Mara).

I loved the way this book is writ en - this is chick lit at its best. If you like coming of age stories enter twined with chick lit (not one sex scene in the whole book) and a love of yoga -then this is your book. Extra bonus for us Canadians who live in Toronto or have visited Toronto so much that we know the city very well (my case), the storyline takes place in Toronto.

Buy this one.


Lenore said...

I got a wii fit and that's the only yoga I do. It is pretty fun once you get into it though!

Melanie said...

Hey, great timing, Tina. I just had a patron in the library yesterday after I read this post who wanted Canadian chick lit. Guess what she went home with? Thanks for making me look smart!!!

Dawn (sheIsTooFondOfBooks) said...

I like a book set in a city I know. I don't know Toronto that well, but it sounds like the author does a great job placing the story in the setting.

OM list; I've got to make myself one of those! :)

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