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2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Review for Their Way Home

TITLE: Their Way Home

AUTHOR: Melissa Van Rossum

DATE: 2008

RATING: 3 stars

When I was asked to review this book, I was on the fence. Actually, I am on the fence about the whole "seeing ghosts" issue. Part of me really believes that they exist (why wouldn't they? on some level its very logical that they would) and the other part of me is a little weary (or maybe scared?). So, its with this mindset that I accepted to read this book.

They Way Home, written by Melissa Van Rossum ended up, being for me, a touching little book. Yes, I said "touching". Melissa outlines in the early part of this quite short book (135 pages) how she felt like an outcast because of her gift. She wanted desperately to be like any other little girl and instead ended up spending alot of time alone - because it was just easier than explaining what she saw to other other people. Also, as a young child, she could not fully understand herself what was actually happening around her.

Now in adulthood, Melissa writes about her gift and how she had to come to terms with it before she could be of any help to anyone. As a person who can see ghosts, ultimately Melissa discovers that her role is to help these lost souls "cross over" to the next place. For some reason, these souls have hung around, unable to cross over themselves and with Melissa's energy merged with theirs - she can make this happen for them - at which point they will find serenity.

As I write this, I feel it kind of sounds a little weird - but when you read Melissa's telling of it, it actually sounds plausible and extremely sad. Her description of some of the souls that she encounters were very, very sad. The poor little girl who sat in the chair quietly waiting her turn, because she had been used to being ignored all her life. The abused child who was all battered - these were very difficult stories to read. Melissa's theory being that these souls would act with her - as they did when they were still alive (some of them not even sure what had happened to them). She explained that if they were abused in their "life" then they would remain so in their death until they could cross over and find serenity. The author also theorized that when each person soul dies and comes back, they basically keep the same personality traits (with hopefully some improvement) and I found this to be a very interesting theory - I had heard something similar once from Oprah Winfrey and always thought it was an amazing comment.

This book is written with a lot of compassion and I suggest that this book is best read by people who are open-minded about the subject matter.

I have to say I am still on the fence about the subject matter, but Melissa certainly makes a very valid case for the yes side.

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Ladytink_534 said...

I've heard a lot about this one. I'm hoping my library will get it!

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