2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Monday, December 8, 2008


I have to take a few minutes and blog about my favorite used/rare bookstore in the world.


Although I know New York has some great sites to visit, including some great historical stuff, but I have to admit that when I head to New York, I plan my ENTIRE trip around my visit to The Strand. First, I figure out which hotel is closest, then I figure out the hours that are the best to visit the store, then I plan my route from the hotel to the store and then, I basically obsess over my visit to the store until I hit the first stands outside.

The Strand is the only used bookstore that actually has security guards at the door - spooky!!!

During my last visit, I ended up staying there for 3.5 hours and spending $300.00. I bought every ARC possible - and I had to ship it back to myself by mail.......

I am just a tad obsessed over this store ------ and my first stop when I get to New York in May for the BEA is .....you guessed it.....The Strand......

You have to check this store out. It bills itself as having 18 miles of books and I believe it. The place has not been decorated in 100 years, but no matter - if there is something you are looking for - this is the place.

Just checking out the outside stalls will take you an hour

Then you can head inside and loose yourself among the thousands and thousands of books - including every ARC ever published!

Give yourself a couple of hours and bring a heavy bag to carry all your treasures. Of course, don't forget to bring lots of $$$$$.

Also, there is a security guard at the door for some reason! So, be ready for it!

Main location is:

Our main store is located at the corner of 12th Street and Broadway.
828 Broadway (at 12th St.) New York, NY 10003-4805 212.473.1452 212.473.2591 fax
Monday-Saturday 9:30 AM-10:30 PM
Rare Book Room Closes Daily at 6:20 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM-10:30 PM

There is another location near Wall Street called The Annex, but its not that great in my opinion.


Enjoy! and let me know your experiences at The Strand.


Anonymous said...

If I ever make it to NYC, The Strand is on my must see list.

Serena said...

Looks like a great bookstore

Alea said...

Oh my gosh, I really want to go there!

dawn said...

I've never been! And we lived 1 1/2 hours from the City for 7 years. How did I never visit The Strand in all my trips in there?!?

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