2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

REVIEW for Leslie's Journal

Thank you to the author Allan Stratton and the publisher at Annick Press for sending this book to me!!!!

TITLE: Leslie's Journal

AUTHOR: Allan Stratton


RATING: 4 Stars

Leslie's Journal is the type of YA that I truly enjoy. It deals with social issues of our day, it takes a hard look at the realities of being a teenager and it is not afraid to portray scenes that are graphic if necessary.

Leslie is a miserable teenager. It seems as though she hates absolutely everybody, but especially her parents - who are divorced. Her father has the nerve to have a new girlfriend and he spends ALL of his time with her - and ignores Leslie. Leslie hates her mother, her school and her teachers. She is in a perfect mindset to be chosen by some of the worse kids in school to become part of their gang. So, Leslie starts smoking pot, making trouble, mouthing off at everyone and overall being a rebellious teenager. Then, she meets Jason - he is cute and is interested in her. She ends up going to a party with him, drinks too much passes out and finds out the next day, to her horror, that he had sex with her while she was passed out (nice guy!!!).

Still, this does not deter her and she continues to date him - as the relationship becomes more and more dysfunctional - he abuses her, forces sex on her and basically terrorizes her - Leslie finally tries to get away - only to discover that he is now stalking her and threatening to show pictures of Leslie passed out on the floor having sex with Jason.

This story is one of horror! which, unfortunately, so many teen girls find themselves in. Of course, we get to read every horrific moment as Leslie writes it in her journal. As an adult, part of me would want any child of mine to stay in her room until she is 30! but that is just not real life. Reading these entries was extremely difficult, I found myself shouting at Leslie to "smarten up" yet at the same time, feeling sympathy for her. She is obviously a mixed up girl with distracted parents and really does not deserve this.

My real horror is that, unfortunately, there are many, many Jasons in this world. While Leslie's Journal is a novel, I fear that, out there, the "real" Leslie is living this exact same nightmare!!!

This book is chilling, frustrating, sad, touching and every other emotion you can think of. The writing is quick and although it is not written in diary form (i.e. a date then an entry) it does read like a diary.

I think this is a book that every teen girl pass the age of 15 should read!!! and every parent should definitely read!!!!

I really, really recommend this novel.

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite book im in middle school i picked up this book and read the whole thing in a week or may be even less i was like omg i cant wait for Wat is going to happen next. this book was building up my suspense love it thanks 4 writing this book LOVE ITTT

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