2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

REVIEW for Lori, Runaway Wife

A big thank you goes out to Sabrina, at Spotlight Publicity for sending this book out to me for review!!!!

TITLE: Lori, Runaway Wife

AUTHOR: Valentine Dmitriev

GENRE: Contemporary Fiction

RATING: 3 Stars

Lori, Runaway Wife is good and had the potential to be great. I loved the basic premise. Lori is a battered wife and after Boyd has kicked the heck out of her again, something snaps and she decides to leave him - however, she is scared, very scared and has no "real" plan set up. Still, the seed is now planted and this is the first step in Lori's plan to leave and circumstances are about to present themselves in an effor to help her get out of her hell.

While Lori is working her shift at the local hospital, Ian, author and a personal favorite of Lori comes into the emergency ward - his pregnant wife is about to give birth - but things are not well - there is a serious problem. Lori, while sympathetic to the situation is also pinching herself - her favorite author has just walked right into her life! Through a series of events (I love destiny! it plans everything perfectly - even if we can't see it!), Ian discovers that Lori is a huge fan and, at first, is taken aback. However, after spending some time with Lori, he gets to know her and decides to offer her a position as a nanny for his newborn child.

As soon as Ian and Lori meet, you can feel the connection of the storyline, you can feel the destiny of these people suddenly merge and I thought that this was a great main storyline. This also served wonderfully as the catalyst for both Lori AND Ian to really start taking a hard look at their individual lives and how they have been living it. Lori - asking herself why she continues to live with a brutal man and Ian looking at his past relationship with his birth mother and how this has influenced his entire life, including his stalled writing.

The reason I rated this a 3 star book is that there is just too much going on here at the same time. The above plotline would have been plenty to work with, but, for some reason, the author decided to throw in a bunch of other "subplots" that just take over the main one and things become a little too distracted for me.

The writing was very good and the premise excellent - however, the author just did not seem to know when to stop a good thing.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Great job on your review. Sounded interesting. Sometimes authors do tend to go overboard with the sub-plots.

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