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2024 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

REVIEW for Nothing in Pink

A big thank you to the author Mark Hardy for sending this book along to me!!!

TITLE: Nothing in Pink
AUTHOR: Mark Hardy
RATING: 4 Stars
Nothing in Pink is the story of Vincent, a teenager boy who is trying to come to terms with the fact that he is gay. Although he would love to be able to change that fact, this is a story of coming of age and acknowledging who you REALLY are. Yet, for Vincent and his family, this is in direct conflict with their beliefs in God and the church. Vincent tries very hard to hide his homosexuality from his parents, especially his father - because he knows that they will never accept him and still believe the word of god.
However, Vincent meets another boy and through shared activities such as riding, they become very close. This is a red flag to Vincent's mother - after an incident, Vincent's family finally discovers his "secret".
This book is absolutely wonderful at exploring the relationships between sexuality, family and religion. We may all have our own personal opinions about all of the subjects, but when we are personally confronted with this, things become much more gray and hazy.
It is always easier to pass comment from a distance. This book takes a touching, honest and frank look at how homosexuality affects absolutely everybody involved, in particular the person who discovers their homosexuality.
It is difficult to reconcile all of these many facets and I have to commend author Mark Hardy for doing such a great job of writing this very difficult novel.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt it was touching and sensitive for all involved. Nothing is quite as black and white as we would like to believe.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting read.

Unknown said...

It really does sound like an interesting read, I'll have to pick it up sometime. Definitely going on my tbr list :D

Sue A. said...

Good review of an sensitive storyline.

Kristie said...

This book reminds me of the newest Lifetime movie that is scheduled to be on tomorrow night. I imagine it must have been very difficult for all kids that go through this.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I'd love to read this. Thanks so much for the review. I just read another review for this yesterday and I really do want to check this out soon.


Stephanie said...

Oh, this sounds awesome!

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