2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

REVIEW For Wishing Won't Do It

Thank you to Cindy at Brown Books for sending this book along to me!

TITLE: Wishing Won't Do It
AUTHOR: Dave Brennan
GENRE: Personal Finance
RATING: 4 Stars

I wish I had read this type of book when I was in my early twenties. Back then, it seemed to me as though I would have a lifetime to worry about money issues and that my 20's were about enjoying myself. Unfortunately, I spent wayyy too much and way into my 30's. So I am the perfect target audience for the book Wishing Won't do it.

After reading the title, it made me think and I have to admit that, for most of my life, I somehow just believed that the money would "just" appear by magic when I needed it. Author Brennan takes a very honest look at how we, as humans, take a look at money. For the most part, we don't understand it, are intimidated by it, let it lead us and basically see it as a base of some kind of superpower.

One of the more important chapters in this book is about reducing debt. This, I believe, is the root of ALL evil - Brennan quotes staggering numbers of people in debt and the amount they owe is amazing. Of course, with what is happening in our world today, we all get a very good firsthand look at the woes too much credit has created, but it amazes me just how far reaching these woes actually are!

Brennan also takes a very interesting look at how our generation's view of money differs so much from the previous generations - short term gratification!!!!

This book basically covers off most personal finance aspects we may be encountering. I really liked the section Planning for your Retirement - which, in my opinion, is invaluable for those boomers!

What I liked so much about this book is that it is written for the average person - the terms are easily understandable and the message is clear and honest. This book is also scary to read, especially in our present economic situation - and although Brennan's message is pretty much the same as many other personal finance authors - it still sends a chill through me- "get your act together NOW or you will end up struggling in your retirement years".

I suggest this book to young adults, older adults and anyone in between - its a wake up call - that is for sure!


Meljprincess said...

I too wish this book had been around when I was younger. I feel this book would benefit me greatly. Wow, you really recommend some great books!

Mel K.

Kristie said...

Thankfully, my husband and I value saving but unfortunetly, this past year was rough and we had to use quite a bit of it. However, I am largely cut the instant gratification shopping. Earlier today I kept telling myself I don't need another book, even if it is only $5.00... that $5.00 can go into savings and I can go to the library. This book sounds good though and maybe serve a reminder to what we are doing and it is the smart thing to do.

Sue A. said...

I’ve always been frugal, even as a child. I like to think I learned from my parent’s mistakes. I wish they’d had a chance to read a book like this before they’ve come of age.

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