2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, May 25, 2009

REVIEW for Nightwalkers

A huge thank you goes out to St-Martin's Press for sending me a copy of this great book!!!!

TITLE: Nightwalkers

AUTHOR: P.T. Deutermann

GENRE: Thriller
RATING: 4 Stars
I have read all of P.T. Deutermann's books and loved them all - they are usually quite edgy and there is always lots and lots of action going on and lots of things being blown up - from almost the very first second.

However, none of this actually happens at the start of this book, but rather we are treated to a story which happened in the 1800's....about, of all things, a train robbery and murder, which segways into current day and our main character, Cam Richter - being shown around some land in the middle of nowhere - (or at least it felt to me as though it was in the middle of nowhere). Cam is buying the land and discovers its flawed history, along with a few abandonned buildings and an even more spooky legend, not to mention some absolutely over the top neighboors who somehow seem to have missed the fact that they are no longer living in the land of "Gone with the Wind" and large overflowing hats and overly polite Southern women.

Cam is fed up with his over hyped life and over active business and is going to build himself a "retreat" where he can be one with nature and away from murderers, murder and the dark side of life. Along with his trusted friends (the canine kind), Frick, Frack and Kitty and his other trusted friends (the human kind), Cam is surrounded by people who are determined to protect him and "be there" for him should he need them. As it turns out, he will definitely need the support of all of them as he finds out that there is a "ghost" out to get him - the term used to refer to a former inmate who has vowed revenge on Cam. So, when odd things start happening both in Cam's professional life as well as extremely odd happenings on his newly purchased land - Cam will, once again, find himself having to find out who and why he is being targeted for murder. Could it be as easy as simply blaming "the Ghost"????
At first, I was a little thrown off by the almost "gold rush" feeling of this book - I kept asking myself if I was actually reading a thriller or some kind of modern take on a western. I also had a bit of a problem seeing someone like Cam Richter dealing with people like Valeria and Hester as well as the loony horserider who thinks he is in a different era completely - and I could not figure out how Deutermann was going to put it all together.

However, Deutermann manages to meld Richter's past with his present and somehow manages to also meld the old story from the 1800's into a masterful thriller. It got to a point where I was completely baffled and could not figure out at all (usually I have a few good suspects) who was taking shots at Cam and who was actually committing murder! Deutermann does a magnificent job of intertwining all of the various aspects of the book, including the train robbery from the 1800's AND the Scarlett O'Hara ladies into a spooky, twisted story of murder and money and money and murder.
I challenge any of you to actually figure this one out before the author decides to "let you" get it.
I love the "old time" feeling of this novel, while at the same time keeping both of our feets planted firmly into modern day.

Wonderful, gritty story of murder.


bermudaonion said...

I love a mystery that's tough to figure out!

Donna said...

This sounds like a great read - just my kind of story. Great review, Tina!

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