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2024 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

REVIEW for Building a House with My Husband

Thank you, thank you goes out to author Rachel Simon for sending me this book!

TITLE: Building a Home with My Husband
AUTHOR: Rachel Simon
GENRE: Memoir
RATING: 4 stars
I had read Rachel's previous book and really enjoyed it, but I have to say that Building a Home with My Husband is my favorite.

First of all I have to comment on the great cover. I thought it was extremely eye catching and fit the storyline perfectly. I am one of those 'cover' people and the cover is very important to me. Obviously what is inside is more important and Rachel Simon does not disappoint!!!

Rachel Simon is my new hero. Her memoir is funny, touching and way too short. We meet Rachel as she is reconnecting with the 'man of her life'. I loved her opening line "Finally we get married. After nineteen years of one of the most ridiculous coutrships in the history of love". Right away, I connected with her - rarely is love and relationship easy and it can most certainly often be described as "ridiculous". As Simon and hubby embark on their journey together, they have a very sore spot - a house - or rather "the" house. Because of the poor market, they decide to renovate it - and the renovation of the house becomes a catalyst for Rachel, who will go through many, many emotional ups and downs as each plank of wood is removed and old carpets pulled up.
Indeed, while Rachel is adjusting to married life and as she pulls apart piece after piece of the "old" house - she also finds herself pulling apart piece after piece of the "old Rachel - full of unchecked feelings and emotions" and starts exploring her emotions and feelings - one by one. From being childless to looking at her own mother, Rachel begins to take a deep look inside herself and finds many areas of anger, sadness and fear. As she breaks down each piece of her old house and rebuilds a more solide foundation, Rachel feels the need to do the same for her own heart and spirit.

This memoir is full of funny stories, but more importantly it is full of touching and deep emotions that definitely kept me involved and I found myself rooting for Rachel - hoping that she can get through both her home renovation and her newfound path for inner joy.

I loved, loved, loved this book.


bermudaonion said...

I love memoirs and that sounds like a good one. You know she has a great marriage if it survived renovating a house!

Yvette Kelly said...

I agree with Bermudaonion.Renovating a house together has got to be THE test of how strong a relationship is.This book sounds lovely.Am going to check it out further.

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