2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Friday, August 7, 2009

REVIEW for Mom I'm Allright, Confessions of a Former Stripper

Thank you goes out to Sanjay at Burman Books for so graciously sending me a copy of this book.

TITLE: Mom, I'm Allright. Confessions of
a Former Stripper

AUTHOR: Monica Mendez

GENRE: Memoir/Confessions

RATING: 3 Stars

I have just finished reading Mom I'M All Right, Confessions of a Former Stripper and I have mixed feelings about the book. First of all, this book is tiny - it only has 77 pages - which took me a little by surprise, so needless to say, this book is a quick read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the personal memories of Monica Mendez. She was extremely honest and forthcoming in her book and I believe that if you are going to write a memoir, it should be honest. Although what Monica did was tentalizing, she keeps this to a minimum in the book and really tells us about her experiences AND how she felt about them - most interesting to me were the confessions in which she talks openly about how she felt doing what she was doing -vs- what other people seem to think about it. Again, this was done in complete honesty and it is obvious that Mendez was not writing this book in order to brag about what she did or to somehow fold it all back into some kind of sex book.

However, the issue that I had with this book is that there is no continuity and/or no set up for many of the entries. While I realize that these are "confessions", I found myself getting confused at some of the entries - she would mention a certain person (i.e. such and such a person died) and we would not have enough backstory to know who this person was and what this person meant to her.

Unfortunately, there were alot of examples of this type of issue that it made reading this book more complicated than it needed to be. Overall, I think this is a nice attempt at an entertaining and honest look at her "old" life - but there could have been a little bit more meat here.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Hmm, that is really too bad. It has the potential for a good idea for a book. I had the same problem with a book that I read that was all letters, I felt there was so much I didn't know, gaps in her life. Like all of the sudden she was talking about her husband and I didn't even know she was married!

Linda Nguyen said...

Ah, I remember seeing this book at our Sunday meet-up. I guess that's just too bad that the book left a lot of blanks. I also think there's some potential to a book of that subject as well.

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