2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

REVIEW for The Inner Circle

Thank you to the wonderful people at Hachette for sending me this book!

TITLE:                The Inner Circle

AUTHOR:          Brad Meltzer

GENRE:             Thriller

RATING:            4 Stars

Once upon a time I was a huge fan of Brad Meltzer and then I hit a few of his books that were not as entertaining and I stopped reading his stuff.

However, the Inner Circle sounded like a great read and I found myself completely engrossed in the storyline from the very first few pages. Of course, there has been, of late, a huge increase in the “historical – present day’ type of novel – easily compared to the DaVinci Code (which I hated by the way) and Inner Circle reminded me of this type of genre.

Actually the storyline is quite clever if a little far fetched. Our main character Benjamin meets up with his long lost Clementine who is asking for his help. As it turns out Benjamin’s job is about old documents and archives, some of which are directly associated with the President.

While Benjamin is trying to impress Clementine by showing her a vault where the President reads classified and, for the most part, priceless documents, they ‘discover’ an old dictionary and immediately start to wonder why the President would have kept it from being discovered.

Yep, like I said the storyline is just a tad ‘out there, but I have to say that I completely loved to read this book. The pace is perfect and the suspense is extremely engrossing. I found myself anticipating the next move (and the next page).

The ride is a little crazy and I loved every moment of it. It kind of reminded me of the National Treasure movies – completely off the wall and so much fun that I have rewatched them over and over again – much like this book I suspect.


bermudaonion said...

I've only read a couple of Meltzer's books, but I did enjoy them. This sounds like another winner!

cindysloveofbooks said...

Tina I am the same way with his books. Use to devour them and then the last few I read just didn't appeal to me.

Although this sounds good.

Pierre Pare said...

I like those movies too - this book sounds like a lot of fun!

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