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2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

REVIEW for The List - Part of the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge 2011


This is the third book I am reviewing that is part of the Chick Lit Plus Reading Challenge 2011!

TITLE:                  The List

AUTHOR:             Carmen Shirkey

GENRE:                Chick Lit

RATING:               3 Stars

I am such a fan of chick lit that I was thrilled to discover an actualy chick lit book that I had somehow overlooked.

The List is a "true" chick lit - in fact, the author acknowledges that her novel is all chick lit - which, of course, made me incredibly happy!

So, why the 3 star rating? The book is, unfortunately, a little bit boring AND incedibly predictable. In fact, I had the ending figured out by about page 20 of the book, which seriously removed the pleasure of reading the storyline for me.

Of course, chick lit is not known for its intricate plotlines, but this one was so basic and easy to figure out that it felt a little bit like an insult.

I did enjoy the various description of dates the main character went on - as anyone who has ever dated could certainly identify with this part of the book. The friendship with the 3 women was also fun, however, the rest of the book falls short on some level.


bermudaonion said...

There are times when predictability works for me - when life is too hectic, I find it comforting.

Samantha said...

Great review. At least the cover is cute! :)

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