2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

REVIEW for Bitter End

Thank you to the wonderful, wonderful people at Little Brown Books for Young Readers for sending me a copy of this book!

TITLE:             Bitter End

AUTHOR:        Jennifer Brown

GENRE:           YA

RATING:         4 Stars

First, I have to say that Jennifer Brown certainly does not shy away from writing books on YA subject matters that are, to say the least, delicate and Bitter End is no exception.

I had an idea what this novel was about, but by the end of it, I was completely freaked out - which is a testament to just how powerful and thought provoking this book is.

Yes, it is written in novel form but really, it could easily have been (and I am sure it is for someone, somewhere) an all too real "true story".

The novel starts off quite slowly, which I have to admit was the only negative I have to say about it! I found myself wanting to move ahead as some of pages in the beginning, where the author introduces the characters,  were a tad too slow! However, once we get into "character" with the characters, I found myself completely immersed into the storyline. I am one of those readers who needs to feel as though the novel "grips" me from the first chapter, or else, I end up losing interest in the storyline most of the time.

However, knowing what the story was about, I stuck it out and I am glad I did.

Alex is your pretty ordinary teen. She has two close friends as well as a dysfunctional family and is looking for love (that special guy). She finds him in Cole. He is everything she wants in a guy and he seems to be returning all of the emotions and feelings. She has found the perfect guy and is thrilled.

As I read through this, I kept remembering about my own youth, searching for the guy who could give me butterflies, but also the one who seemed so perfect for me, too perfect?

As the story develops, Alex becomes somewhat taken aback by some of Cole's actions and reactions. He is becoming dominant and scary and does not seem to be the adorable, loving boyfriend he was in the beginning. However, Alex makes excuse, after excuse - until things spiral completely out of control.

I think that, for me, the part where Alex starts to ever so slowly realize who the "real" Cole is (and refuses to accept it) is the most engaging part of the book. The author has written Alex to be vulnerable, scared, but smart and strong at the same time. I love the way Alex's mind refuses to admit what is happening, all the while her "gut" simply will not let her rest and wholly accept the situation.

I found myself nodding my head in agreement with Alex's fears, counter arguments and fears. I found myself scared for Alex and I found myself rooting for her to get out from under this nightmare.

However, the revelations are slow and painful and throughout it all, this book does a wonderful job of showing us how human beings (of all ages!) can fall into situations that they cannot control, but cannot seem to completely get out of without alot of pain and suffering, especially if it is in the name of love.

I loved, loved this book.

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