2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Gems for the Week Ending July 21, 2012

Well, July is more than halfway over and I am so grateful.  I realized quite a few years ago that I am just NOT a summer person :)  Having said that, however, I must say that one of the best things about summer is travelling and I did get to do a little bit of that this week with a  visit to Kingston, Ontario which is about 2 1/2 hours from Montreal.  Needless to say I hit the bookstores there.  So, here is what came into my house this week.

From the thrift stores:

  • The Yoga Mamas by Katherine Stewart

  • The Little Death by P.J. Parrish
From the publisher for review:

  • The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie (this is from Avon books in the UK and they are fantastic! They have THE best chick lit books and I am thrilled to have received this one).  Its right up my alley.
This publisher is amazing.  We exchanged emails late Thursday afternoon and on the Friday (the very next day) I had the finished copy in my hands and it came all the way from the UK - I am impressed with their professionalism :)

From Net Galley:
  • Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

    Since I no longer work downtown Montreal, I rarely visit anymore, but I ended up there last weekend and was happy to be asked to participate in a survey by Stayfree that was being held at the Eaton Center - our swag? Free full size packages of the items we were being asked about!

    More freebies:  Since I was in Kingston I thought I would try to find Nordica products which I could not seem to find in Montreal, as well as flavored coffee from Timothy Keurig.  All of these products I was lucky enough to have coupons for free. so I got two packages of cottage cheese and 12 Keurig coffee cups for absolutely no money!  Love, love it.

    I was also contacted about reviewing an New Age Cd - which I am kind of excited about because I never get asked to review music AND I love New Age music.

    • Silentaria - What's Real? (Don't you just love that deep blue cover?)
      Very hectic week - but as always, grateful for all these great products! and the opportunity to travel with some wonderful people who make my trips so terrific!


      bermudaonion said...

      Wow, you raked in the goodies this week! Enjoy!

      cindysloveofbooks said...

      Great week Tina. Wow how did I miss out on the Stayfree promo?

      Please let me know if you are looking for anything specific with Kcups because I will be going to the US soon.

      Have a great week Tina

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