2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 17, 2013


 Tuesday, May 14, 2013 was the English and French book launch for Isabelle Lafleche's new book - J'ADORE PARIS.

She was kind enough to invite me and, of course, I was very happy to attend.  As you know, Isabelle is one of my favorite authors and I am in love with both her books.

It was a very classy affair very fitting for the theme of Isabelle's books.

The signing table French on the left and English on the right

Isabelle in her beautiful tule skirt - very flowy and feminine

Free make up for those who wanted it

Free perfume samples


Great macaroons with a Paris theme

1) Catou is interesting and has obviously matured in the second novel.  Can you tell me how you see her? Faults and good points?

I think that you’re right. Catherine has matured because she did some soul searching in the first book  ( J’adore New York) and managed to come out on top with a dream job  in an industry she loves and has met her romantic match.  She also settles a score with the man who broke her heart in New York.  She’s determined, not afraid to speak her mind, loyal, and smart. But she’s far from perfect; she’s a bit of a workaholic, has a hard time saying no. And she has way too many shoes.

2) The aspect of counterfeiting is at the forefront in this book, what is your "take" on this issue when it comes to fashion.

I will admit to having purchased a few “fakes” in the past but researching this book has changed my opinion on the matter.   It shouldn’t be viewed as an innocent crime to purchase a “fake” watch or bag. There are many consequences to this: including lost jobs, child abuse, and the funding of organized crime and terrorism.  I hope that my book manages to educate readers on this topic.

3) What are the differences that you see between the Paris and New York settings?

I think that New York is the perfect backdrop for the first book since Catherine finds herself in a whirlwind of cut-throat ambition, aggression and nasty politics.  Paris is a softer place where both beauty and femininity reign. It’s the perfect place for her to thrive in, especially with regards to her longing to work in the fashion industry.

4) If you had your choice of actresses to portray Catherine who would you choose?

My first choice would be Marion Cotillard. Not only is she a model and spokesperson for Dior, she’s extremely classy and talented (Have you seen her portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose?  Hel-loooo).   My second choice would be Zooey Deschanel. She’s both witty and lovely; I think she would also make a great Catherine Lambert.

5) Why is fashion so important?

To me, fashion is another way to express your creativity and individualism. It doesn’t have to be about fancy designer labels. As a matter of fact, it should be quite the opposite.   You can easily express yourself with a bright scarf found in the discount bin at the local thrift shop. 

6) Which setting (Paris or NY) do you prefer writing about?

Since I lived in New York for many years, I have to say that writing about Paris was a real treat.  In order to complete my research, I spent my days lounging in cafés in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, testing pasty shops around town and attending fashion shows. Sounds like a blast, non?

7) What is the future for Catou?

She embarks on a whole different journey in the next book: inward.  She will undergo a massive spiritual transformation that will change her views and values on many fronts.

Thank you Isabelle


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