2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

REVIEW for J'Adore Paris

Thank you so much to author Isabelle Laflèche for giving me a copy of this book.

TITLE:              J'Adore Paris

AUTHOR:         Isabelle Laflèche

GENRE:            Chick Lit


Okay, I think I may be a bit prejudice about this book and author as I loved her first book and actually got to meet Isabelle who gave me her book in person.

I have been dying to read J'adore Paris a sequel to J'adore New York.  So, Catou is back (Catherine) and now, she finds herself working for Dior in Paris - after spending some time in New York City.

She is still working as a lawyer and now, has found love as well as intrigue and danger in Paris.

Once again, the author's writing style is breezy and engaging and you immediately feel as though you are part of Catherine's life.  My favorite parts involve Catherine trying to "catch" the counterfeiters who seem to be everywhere.

This novel is partly chick lit and partly a thriller and I loved it.  The combination is perfect and balances off the humor that is injected in the story throughout.    Of course, there is always a slant towards the fashion industry, also a part that was very present in the first novel.  But, for me, the counterfeit storyline is a perfect choice to make for this second novel.

I remember walking in New York City last and seeing these counterfeiters on the street everywhere and marvelling at how organized they are - never knew it was such an issue though.

The author, once again, has created a wonderful book - with a main character that has seriously grown up in the last few years and a storyline that was very entertaining.  My only minor complaint - I miss the New York aspect to the story.  Paris was okay as a backdrop but lacked the "New York" touch.

As you may know, I met the author earlier this year and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me - so here is the exchange.  Thank you ISABELLE!!

I will be featuring a Q&A with Isabelle in the next few days and tonight, I get to attend the Montreal book launch - I am so excited.  Pictures to come :)

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