2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

REVIEW for A Kiss to Build a Dream On

TITLE:               A Kiss to Build a Dream On

AUTHOR:          Kim Amos

GENRE:             Romance


For those who know me, I rarely read romance novels, unless they are chick lit and are geared towards single women who get into all kinds of troubles (hence, chick lit).  However, one of my favorite authors sent me her new book  - a romance, which is a departure from her other types of books.

At first, I wasn't sure if I could do this book justice, but I instantly loved the cover (yes, I am ONE OF THOSE) and dug in.  

I really liked the plot and since it is written by one of my all time favorite authors, I KNEW that I would have no problem with the writing style.  

A Kiss to Build a Dream On is as much about home improvements as it is about discovering love, going to your past and oh, did I mention, the sexy love scenes?  As a bonus, Willa is converting her house to a B&B - which happens to have been a dream  I had in my mid thirties. Sadly unrealized, which means I also got to live "vicariously" through her.

Burk is a bit "too" everything for me and at times I thought "wow, there are no guys on this earth that are quite that perfect"LOL but then some cute and funny (challenging) dialogue would erupt and I would be right into the story again.

I have to admit I am worried though.  I really, really don't want this author to stop writing her other "type" of books though (YA), so she will have to figure out a way to "clone" herself LOL.

If you love romance novels that are not dumbed down - this is the perfect read.

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