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2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, October 13, 2008

REVIEW for Here's the Story

A HUGE thank you to Deanna at HarperCollins Canada for sending me a copy of this book!!!
TITLE: Here's the Story
AUTHOR: Maureen McCormick
GENRE: Memoir
DATE: October 14, 2008
RATING: 5 Stars ++++++
For those of you who read this blog regularly, you know that I can be stingy with my stars when it comes to rating a book.

However, Here's the Story, written by Maureen McCormick is so well written that I wanted to rate it 6 stars or more!
The Brady Bunch was a show that I discovered only in reruns as I was a little young when it first aired. By the time I did watch it, I was in my teens and thought the whole show was a bit of a joke and could not understand its cult following - however, over the years, it somehow kept resurfacing and despite myself, I got to know a little bit about each of the Brady kids. When I saw that Maureen McCormick was publishing her memoirs, I thought it would be interesting to read as I always thought she was the most interesting character on the show - and always felt that there was alot lurking behind the "good girl, hair of gold Brady".
As soon as I started reading, I absolutely fell in love with the pace, the tone and the overall story being told. The first thing I noticed (and was eternally grateful for) was that although Maureen does touch on her childhood, she does not go on and on about it for half the book. She basically gives us the highlights (which includes some surprising facts about her siblings and her parents) and then moves on to her early career. Yes, she does spend some time on her "Brady days" but tends to gloss over some of the key elements that I believe would have been fun to read. She does go into quite alot of detail about the "crushes/kissing/fondling" that happened among the Brady kids, but I would have liked to hear more about the dynamics behind the scene - that did not necessarily relate to the teenage lust that seemed to be rampant. I would have like to find out more about the chemistry of the actors, some funny onset stories would have been nice. There is a minimal amount of this type of thing - it seems as though the Brady kids were all about "teenage lust" which is okay - but I felt there could have been a little bit more substance here. Besides which, somebody is going to have to explain to me why every girl (including Maureen) had a thing for Greg? I mean, the guy is really average looking in my opinion!!!
However, what comes after the Brady years is really where you find the heart and soul of Maureen McCormick. Its going to be hard for me to write this review without giving away any of the spoilers, but I had NO IDEA just how far down she fell before she found the strength to pick herself up. To her credit, she exposes every raw nerve in this memoir and makes a point of saying that SHE alone is responsible for the situation(s) she got herself into. I have to say that she must have had a fairy godmother looking over her - because she really got herself into some horrible situations.
The writing here is exceptional and we get a very clear picture of just how screwed up Maureen was. When she talks about her meeting with her future husband, you can actually feel the tone of the writing change - there is hope and love in the writing.

Maureen McCormick needs to be commended for writing an honest, raw memoir. She could easily have gone the other way and written some bubblegum account of her life. Writing memoirs are always tricky because you can't or won't divulge other people's involvement in your life and Maureen has done an excellent job of keeping the focus on her and not on the "other" celebrities that she talks about in her book.

I read alot of these types of books and I can't encourage you enough to run to the bookstore for this one.


cindysloveofbooks said...

I was a huge brady bunch fan growing up so this will be going on the to buy pile. Great Review Tina. I am sold LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow! I figured this was just going to be another Brady memoir. Everyone loved Greg because he was Cool with a capital c. Thanks for the review.

Sheri S. said...

Great review! It sounds like a really interesting book!

Wendi said...

I used to watch this growing up too - sort of - more likely I watched re-runs, but it was fun.

I saw a spot on the tv for the book and wondered if it was any good. Thanks for the great review!

:) Wendi

Anonymous said...

I saw her on Celebrity Fit Club and thought she was a very down to earth person. I'm glad this isn't a tell-all about the Brady days 'cause she seems like so much more.

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