2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

REVIEW for Tripping

Another big thank you to Red Deer Press - who are always so kind in sending me their great books!!!!

TITLE: Tripping

AUTHOR: Heather Waldorf


RATING: 4 stars

Tripping is a gut wrenching, inspirational and absolutely wonderful YA. Our main character Rainey was born missing a leg - which means she gets around with an artificial one. She has also been left a birth by her birth mother and these events have been monumental in creating who Rainey is - she finds herself often confused, sad and angry and has spent most of her life looking for the answers that will make her happy.

All of a sudden, Rainey may very well get what she asked for! As she leaves for a cross country trip, Rainey will get the opportunity of finally meeting her birth mother - but does she really want to finally find some of the answers she has been seeking for so long?

As Rainey progresses on her trip, she comes to realize that life is not about "getting to the end" but really, its about the voyage there - which is absolutely beautifully portrayed with the parallel of the physical road trip Rainey embarks on and the spiritual/mental road trip that she also finds herself on at the same time.

The writing is crisp and the main character is flawed, courageous and asking herself pretty well the same questions as most YA these days - I am sure that many will identify with her.

I really enjoyed this touching book.


Alyce said...

This one sounds really interesting. Good review!

sharon54220 said...

Very interesting. I am adopted so I would like read this. I've had the opportunity to meet both of my biological parents. Things went well. My biological father has passed but my biological mother is still alive. I just wish that I didn't live so far away

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Great review. This does sound like an amazing, emotional novel. I love things like that!


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