2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, January 30, 2009

REVIEW for Take your Money and Run

I was lucky enough to get this book from ECW Press (they carry an absolutely great series of books). Thank you!!!

TITLE: Take your Money and Run!
AUTHOR: Alex Doulis
GENRE: Personal Finance
RATING: 3.5 Stars

I am always impressed by people like Alex Doulis. He was/is irked by a situation (in this case the tax situation in Canada) and through hard work, research and commitment he managed to find a way through it.

Take your Money and Run is his story of how he managed to avoid, in a very legal way, having to pay taxes in Canada.This book is extremely interesting and it is obvious that Doulis did his homework. In order to get away from paying Canadian taxes, Doulis has decided to live offshore and in the process, managed to avoid paying the dreaded taxes that he both does not agree with and could not see the justification in paying.I think its a fairly save bet to say that most of us DO NOT want to pay taxes and very few of us really understand why we must - Doulis explains part of the reasoning behind the tax situation and in a very clear, precise way gives you an alternative.

I believe this book is mainly geared towards people who are intending to retire in the next while and who are willing to make some major life changes in the process - I am not really willing to go to such length, but this did not remove my interest in the book - his suggestions and alternatives are amazing and challenging


Kristie said...

What were some of his extreme suggesstions? I am always on the lookout for more ideas on how to save money! I just went grocery shopping and saved 61% using coupons and sales, but I always hear the same ones that I am already using!

Tina said...

Wow Kristie: Congratulations on such great savings. I wish I could do that, but coupons are not very big in Canada! I do try to save money when I can, but things have gotten soooooo expensive.

Actually, this book is very interesting but covers off saving money on the bigger picture. One of his suggestions is to move to a tax free haven once you are retired.

This book is not really about the smaller day to day savings you can make. I should have mentioned that in my review now that I think of it.

You are sooooo right about all the books telling us the same thing when it comes to how to save - nothing new unfortunately.

Reyna Meinhardt said...

It sounds interesting and funny. I dont really think that I would enjoy it much, but I bet my Dad would find it enjoyable (even though hes not that old :))

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