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2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

REVIEW for Mariel's Kitchen

A big, big, big thank you goes out to Deanna at HarperCollins Canada for making sure that I got a copy of this absolutely great book!


TITLE: Mariel's Kitchen

AUTHOR: Mariel Hemingway

GENRE: Cookbook

RATING: 5 Stars

As I grow older, I have really focused on the whole issue of food. It is always amazing to me just how powerful what we put in our bodies can be! and I am also amazed at how much crap there is out there and how easy it is to buy.

Along cames Mariel's first book which got me thinking alot about the whole process, including detoxing, etc. I have always admired Mariel and felt that she was a survivor. I was extremely thrilled to finally, finally get her cookbook, as her first book had a few recipes (one of which I use all the time and love) but did not come close to having enough recipes to keep me happy.

Well, I am certainly happy with this cookbook. Once again, Mariel's second book is beautifully illustrated using beautiful colors and great pictures of Mariel, preparing, serving and actually eating the food, but more importantly of the finished product. Since I am not a great cook, I appreciate having pictures of the meals to make sure that I am not completely off target when I created them. As for the recipes themselves, I have already done 5 of them and they are extremely easy and tasty.

I am a little scared of using things like real butter and coconut oil, but Mariel's point (as she writes in the book) is interesting - basically saying that if we remove the "perceived no nos" of food and simply enjoy healthy, satisfying foods within reasonable portions, our bodies will not crave what it does not need. I also appreciate the comments and thoughts that Hemingway sprinkles along in the book.

There are only two things that I thought were a little less interesting. The first one is that she has sectioned this book by seasons, which is a tad difficult to work with if you are looking for breakfast recipes for example as these are kind of here and there and not located under "breakfast". Also, I live in Montreal and let me tell you that the foods Mariel considers "in season" for her summer or winter, are definitely not necessarily the same as mine.

Secondly, and this one is a biggie - the ingredients that Mariel uses are top notch - which, of course, is wonderful for the body (not to mention the taste buds) but they are extremely, extremely expensive and a bit of a challenge to find. I had to run to 3 different health food stores to get the variety of flours and other "staples" that Mariel recommends and when I did buy the 3 flours ( 1 lb each of coconut, brown rice, Almond), Xanthan Gum and White Balsamic Vinegar, I ended up paying $75.00. Yikes! that is really what I consider sticker price shock!!!!! Which may be no problem for people who are saying "well, it beats the price of junk food", but since I don't really spend $$$on junk food in the first place, I simply gulped down the price tag and told myself it was worth it. Having said that however, I have to say that the recipes really are delicious and I am in love with this book. I am already dying to read Mariel's follow up cookbook with more great, great recipes.


bermudaonion said...

The cookbook sounds great, but I don't like to buy super expensive ingredients either. I probably wouldn't have been able to find them before we moved here.

Wall-to-wall books said...

OOOO another cookbook!
I love cookbooks with lots of pictures. This one sounds like a good one.

Teddy Rose said...

Tina, if you have a co-op or bulk foods store close by you may be able to save money on ingredients that way. I use brown rice flour all the time and it is a little more expensive than whole wheat but not terribly, where I shop. Hovever, I have been vegan for a long time and know where to get better deals where I live.

Is this book vegetarian friendly at all?

Tina said...

Teddy Rose:

This book is semi vegan friendly I think. While she does not cook with meat or poultry very much, she does use lots and lots of eggs and milk products.

Hope this helps!

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