2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Wonderful Summery Saturday Morning

A great Saturday morning in Montreal!!!


Today, Cindy at http://cindysloveofbooks.blogspot.com/ , Donna at http://booksbound.blogspot.com/and I went to the Pointe Claire library book sale!

While I did not find very much at the sale (it was a pretty big sale, but for some reason, I did not really find all that much), we decided to go for brunch. While walking to the cafe, we "bumped" into a garage sale - all proceeds going to
http://www.rosieanimaladoption.org/aboutus.htm (whihc is a totally wonderful cause) and we all ended up buying more here than we did at the book sale. Cindy found 2 books (including a nice, clean copy of Twilight) and Donna found 6 books (I think!). My find!!!! A box full (and I mean full) of Archie comic books.

I am a huge fan of Archie's and I was in heaven when I saw the amount of comic books in that box. However, I had a problem! I had taken the bus to the book sale, how was I going to get this box home? Cindy, very, very kindly offered to drive me home - so, I bought the entire box (I counted them there were 176 comic books) for a bargain price of $10.00!!! I COULD NOT pass this one up and the people at the garage sale were thrilled to get the sale.

After putting all the books in Cindy's car, we went to the Cafe and had a great brunch (with homemade flaxseed bread). Then we walked over to a used bookstore and a cute British themed store. We then drove Donna home and headed over to Cindy's house to pick up her son, Michael so he could accompany us back on the drive back to my house.

We had a great time today! beautiful Saturday morning - in the Spring in Montreal! Thank you Cindy and Donna!!!!!!!!!!


bermudaonion said...

I'm so envious that y'all live close enough to get together so often. It sounds like you had a great time today. I loved Archie comics when I was growing up. I wanted to be like Veronica, but I was more of a Betty.

Unknown said...

Tina OMG 176 comics in the box. That was well worth the $10. It was not a problem to drive you home.

BTW Michael said you were a nice "book blogger" friend. LOL He enjoyed talking to you.

Happy reading. See you soon.

Donna said...

This is tooo funny! I love the pics!
It was fate to come to visit us today!

Yvette Kelly said...

That sounds really wonderful.And a real bargain for those Archie Comics.I remember reading those when I was young and enjoying them.Enjoy!!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Ha, that is so great!!! I used to love the Archies! I read them all the time as a teen, only back then I bought them new ;-)

avisannschild said...

Congrats on your find, Tina! I'm sorry I missed this outing; it sounds like it was so much fun! I love your pics too, especially the top one!

Melwyk said...

Haha, I can see why you were so thrilled by the garage sale finds! What a deal. I haven't been to a big booksale in a long time but I find I am buying fewer books these days as I have no more room to put any new to me ones anyhow!

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