2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, July 9, 2009

REVIEW for Rattled!

Thank you, thank you to Jess at Random House Canada for sending me this great memoir!

TITLE: Rattled!
AUTHOR: Christina Coppa
GENRE: Memoir

RATING; 4 Stars

I knew that I would love this book, based in great part, by the cover. Yep! I am a cover freak and I just fell in love with this cover and, of course, the storyline!Meet Christina Coppa - she is about to get some amazingly scary news that is going to change her life forever and proving, once again, that nothing happens for nothing and that while somethings are unplanned, in the end they are the best things to happen to you.
Christina has been dating A for a few months when we find her locked in her bathroom praying to the gods that be - that her pregnancy kit is wrong, that is somehow expired and that is why it is showing a "yes" to the pregnancy question.Surprisingly Christina informs A right away - which I thought was a refreshing development, I have read a few of these types of memoirs and, for some reason, the woman always seems to delay telling the man and this has always annoyed me to no end. Initially A seems to be okay with it - but it is Christina's frantic state of mind that we experience.
Her hearturning back and forth between joy and fear is never more obvious than when she is in her car, in the early part of the book.One of Christina's biggest fears is sharing this news with her family and co-workers who are surprisingly supportive and non-judgmental.
As Christina stills finds herself going back and forth between joy and sheer terror, she admits that the pregnancy is actually becoming a reality for her, especially when she hears the heartbeat of her child. Interestingly, as we read about Christina embracing her pregnancy more and more, it is also painfully obvious that A is distancing himself and during the whole storyline I kept thinking "what an a--" - it is soooo easy for some men.
But the strength of this storyline is really how Christina and her family unite in order to give her baby all the love and support he will need to grow up to be a happy person. Christine's relationship with her brothers is touching and I loved that her macho-cop brother becomes the surrogate dad for this child (once he tells Christine - okay I have now processed the news of your pregnancy).This is really a touching story and I loved every minute of it. I am glad that wonderful little baby Jack is in the midst of a loving family, despite his a------ of a father

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bermudaonion said...

I'm a sucker for a good cover, too. The book sounds great!

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