2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge

2022 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

MAILBOX and all the gory, gory details about my package deliveries

I was surfing the net looking for cute mailbox pictures to attach to this post when I saw this one!!! Kind of fits the season, so, here it is!!!!

I have to say that I was really lucky this week and got lots of great, great stuff. Since I am back working full time, my various mail delivery guys all have their instructions from me (one of the great things about being off this summer was that I got to know each of them pretty well - considering how often they delivered items at my house). So, when I went back to work, I made sure to give them detailed instructions - specifically since I live in an apartment building, they should always try to leave my packages with my janitor, who is very nice and does not mind receiving my 10 packages a week! So, for the UPS delivery guy, the FedEx and Purolator guys and the Canpar guy, they pretty well know to leave my packages with my janitor.

My regular delivery guy from Canada Post (don't even get me started on Canada Post)- his name is Terry - I have asked him to try to "squeeze" all my packages into my tiny little mailbox. Some days, I come home and he has somehow managed to squeeze 2 - 3 books in there (let me tell you that is no easy task) and I have to yank the packages out. I have threatened him and told him that if I have to trek to the post office to get my package (because of him), I will NOT be happy - so he knows that its in his best interest to shove those books in there :) He keeps teasing me and saying that I read more books in a week than he has in his entire lifetime.

Recently, there was a big scandal in my building - one of the tenants never got their passport and apparently, the envelope had been left my janitor. It was such a big thing that the post office told both Terry (the regular mailman) and the mailman that drives the truck (with the big items that can't fit into the mailbox) that from now on they can no longer leave packages with the janitor.

I had to laugh because when Terry informed my janitor about this "decision" taken from our local Canada Post office, he told my janitor "Tina is going to have a fit over this". Anyway, needless to say that I was NOT happy about this decision and made a point of telling my post office. The bad news :( the guy who drives the Canada Post delivery trucks (big items) still refuses to leave my packages with the janitor sooooooo, last week, I came home to find 3 separate little notification cards telling me that I have items to pick up at the post office (grrrr!!!). I decided to wait out the week and accumulate these darling cards and then head to the post office only once a week - except that I came home with a ton of heavy packages. However, the good news is that I got some great, great stuff!!!

Here is the breakdown (sorry, can't quite remember the days I got them on):

Destroy All Cars,
The Lonely Hearts Club
How To Say Goodbye in Robot
Scarlett Fever
My Invisible Boyfriend
Tangled (this one I had been waiting for - and I read it in one sitting)
The 13Th Hour
Falling Apart in One Piece
UnSweetened (this one was a great read also)
Tumbleweed Skies
The Present Tense of Prinny Murphy

Jumping Into Puddles
Sila's Revenge
Little Death( I love PJ Parrish and this is their new one to be released in 2010 - I am saving this read for my "over the Christmas holidays read")

Although this is NOT book related, I have also been asked to review this product:

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Body Lotion. Can't wait to try that


bermudaonion said...

Sorry it's so frustrating to get your packages. I'm not sure I could wait all week to pick up my treasures. If we go out of town for a few days, I always wonder what's waiting for me when I get home. You had a great week!

Pierre Pare said...

Wow! I think I counted 14 books?! Holy Moly, you've got your reading cut out for you! Though I see you've already got a couple of them read. Sorry to hear about your post box troubles though...that's annoying!
The 13th Hour looks interesting. Enjoy!

cindysloveofbooks said...

WOW Tina you had an awesome week. I guess that made up for the other bad weeks.

What the heck is wrong with Canada Post lately? I live in a house and my regular mailman will leave packages between the doors but if someone else deliveries I swear they don't have the brain. They don't think to leave between the doors, they ring the bell and if I am not here leave a card which like you said means having to go to the outlet after 1PM the next day.

The other day it was a mailman I see around and thought he was being funny when he delivered a package and was like "Hey Cindy one of Canada Posts best customers" and then said" Gee's it always seems like I am delivering package to you." Yea like a handful of times since I lived here.

BTW your books all sound really good. :)

Linda Nguyen said...

Awesome books! I can understand how frustrating the whole mail/delivery system can get. One of my books got sent back because I was away over the summer; Purolator only keeps the package for 5 days and then sends it back to the sender. Grr . . .

Is that the sequel to Suite Scarlett I see? Oh my, oh my. I have yet to read anything from Maureen Johnson, but I've heard she's good.

oh, and did you lay out your books on your yoga mat? =)


Tina said...

Cindy: Yep, that is my yoga mat. Thought it would make a good background.

Cindy, I HATE it when the mailmen have the nerve to complain because we are asking them to do their jobs. At the salary they are being paid to basically walk around, go up stairs and deliver packages, they should just shut up and be grateful (don't get me started).

See you guys all soon!

Serena said...

Wow you had a busy week...and what a pain. Our apartment complex has a deal with the post office to collect all packages and tenants go down to get them. really nice.

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