2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

REVIEW for Lit

Thank you so much to Deanna from HarperCollins Canada for sending me this great, great memoir on addiction and recovery!



AUTHOR: Mary Karr

GENRE: Memoir

RATING: 4 Stars

I always know when a memoir on addiction (and hopefully) recovery touches me because I start feeling a) teary eyed and b) very, very uncomfortable. Well, Lit fulfilled both criteria and then some. I had never even heard of Mary Karr before, but you can be sure that I am going to work my way back and read everything she has written.

Lit is different from most of the memoirs that I have read on the subject, mainly because the tone of the writing is not what I am use to. I usually like my memoirs to be told in a more day to day voice, with as little verse as possible. Mary Karr does not write this way - her voice and her story are full of poetry, verse and this, for me, was a bit odd in the first pages of her story. I kept thinking "how can you tell your story honestly if you are going to do it in some melodic tones" - however, I need not have been worried.

Somehow, Karr manages to write a beautiful, flowy and absolutely perfectly toned story, while at the same time, giving us, in honest and frank detail all the good the bad and the ugly - without once sugar coating it. This was quite a feat!!! and I loved it. Karr's story is difficult to read, especially if you have yourself lived in the hell that is addiction. You can easily see the addict in the making as Karr describes her young family life with a mother that was so self-centered and so self-serving you can't help but wonder how Karr actually made it out alive! Having to deal with the death of her dad, "the good parent" thrown into the mix (and touches me on a personal level) added to the burden of her childhood. Karr goes on to describe her descent into addiction and some of her experiences were extremely scary and harrowing.

However, as always, what I love best is her story of walking (sometimes) crawling to sobriety AND hopefully to something better. Of course, with the help of the wonderful AA program and with alot of hope, spirit and integrity, Karr shows us her path as we slowly (at times ever so slowly) see her grow towards becoming the person she wants to be.

This memoir is touching, frank and perfect. (I am attaching the link to a brief video which I think is worth watching).


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bermudaonion said...

I like memoirs, but I'm not much for poetry, so this may not be for me.

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