2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

REVIEW for Tumbleweed Skies

Thank you to Lori, for once again, sending me an absolutely delightful book.

TITLE: Tumbleweed Skies

AUTHOR: Valerie Sherrard

RATING: 4 Stars
What a beautiful bittersweet book. I love that this story is all Canadian - written by a Canadian author and based on a Canadian Prairie. The book tells the story of Lizzie who is "stuck" with her mean, old grandmother in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan. Lizzie has lost her mom and now, her dad is leaving her with "a mean old grandmother" while he attempts to make a living on the road. The grandmother is bitter, in part because she blames Lizzie and her dad for the death of Lizzie's mother.
What I immediately felt as I read this book is that absolutely everyone in this story is broken and in desperate need of love. Although the grandmother character is definitely not adorable, we somehow get the feeling that she is living throuh her own kind of hell and is determined to share this with everyone, specifically Lizzie.
This book is so poignant - at times I hated all the characters for the way they were treating Lizzie and at times, I understood their pain. The lack of communication and verbally sharing of feelings is palpable. You wanted to scream "share, share what you are feeling".
A wonderfully put together book - difficult to read, but all too real.

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bermudaonion said...

What's sad is that some people live that way and just let their pain eat them alive. Nice review.

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