2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

REVIEW for Once in a Full Moon

Another big shout out to Melissa at HarperCollins Canada for being so kind :)

TITLE:                Once in a Full Moon
AUTHOR:           Ellen Schreiber

GENRE:              YA

RATING:            2.5 Stars

Most of my blog followers know that I am a chick lit and YA chick lit type of girl, gimme a good prom situation and I am thrilled.

Having said that, you might also have heard me complain (actually rant) about the fact that in the last year or so, YA chick lit has seriously been replaced by a ton (and I do mean) a ton of books featuring fun subjects like the undead, vampires, ghosts, dystopia and werewolves.

The reality is that, for the most part, I don’t like reading those types of books for many reasons – starting with ‘they are just too far removed from reality’ for me to actually identify with any of the plotlines. On the other hand, I figure that unless I want to completely stop reading (which is not even an option for me), I was going to have to start to at least make an attempt at picking up these types of books and reading them.

Once in a Full Moon attracted me because I fell for the cover (yep, I can judge a book by its cover and regularly do!).

Once in a Full Moon also features a ‘normal’ character by the name of Celeste who finds herself falling for Brandon (first love and all that entails) which somehow means that she is now involved with wolves.

While I thought the romance part of the book was fair (there I go with the chick lit part again), I found that I could not really get into the whole plotline once Celeste finds herself in a snowstorm and ends up being surrounded by wolves (oh yeah, and Brandon is there also playing the hero).

While there is a lot of YA angst – chief among them that Celeste must keep her attraction to Brandon a big fat secret, because her friends would ‘not approve’ of this ‘wrong side of the track guy’, the overall story and connection between the two characters just did not work for me – certainly not enough to rate this book higher than a 2.5 stars!

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