2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, December 19, 2011

REVIEW for Steve Jobs

Thank you, thank you goes out to Simon&Schuster Canada for sending me this book.

TITLE:                 Steve Jobs

AUTHOR:            Walter Isaacson
GENRE:              Biography

RATING:            3 Stars

I have to admit that I was never a huge fan of Steve Jobs.  In fact, he never really registered on my radar and I guess part of the reason for this is that technology is something that simply seems to be ‘there’ for me.  I never really thought much about how it got there, why or who created it.

However, you kind of have to be living under a rock NOT to have heard about Jobs in the last year or so.  It seems as though his name was everywhere, despite the fact that he was physically removing himself more and more.  

All of this, of course, brings me to his biography.  I found myself curious about certain aspects of his life and thought it would be a great idea to find out more about this man.

My first reaction when I got the book was wow! This is more than I wanted to know about him.  So, my first comment is that this book is too long.

Having said that, however, I will also say that the book, once it gets moving (the pace is slow at the beginning) turns into a fascinating look at what kind of man (and brain) is needed to create what Steve Jobs has created.

I have to admit that I was blown away with the way his mind worked and the biographer did a wonderful job of showing us just how quirky this man could be.  Yet, at the same time, he was a control freak who needed a survey before deciding on his bride (kind of creepy actually).

Of course, this biography was incredibly honest which went a long way for me – I have always said that if you want the story of your life to be made public, it better be true and non-censored and Jobs did not seem to have a problem with this.

The pictures were okay and I especially enjoyed the ones with his family.

Overall, this is a great read.  I walked away with a far better idea of who this man was.

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bermudaonion said...

I've known who Jobs is for a long time because of my husband. I think I'll enjoy this book because I'm so nosy. I'm glad to know it starts out slow.

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