2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

REVIEW for The Honesty Index

A huge thank you goes out to author Kelly James-Enger who so kindly offered to send me an e-copy of her book.

TITLE:               The Honesty Index

AUTHOR:          Kelly James-Enger

GENRE:            Novel 


I have read all of Kelly James- Enger’s novels and have adored them!  Needless to say, I was excited to discover that, after an absence of quite a few years (at least it seemed that way to me), she now had a new book entitled The Honesty Index.

Firstly, I have to say that one of the things I liked best about this author’s work is her ability to write about every day situations and make (keep) them interesting.  I am thrilled to report that she has not lost her touch – in fact, the author  created, in The Honesty Index, two very possible life situations – from two very different points of view, which, as it turns out are not all that different after all.

The characters of Renée and Colleen made this novel come alive for me.  Both have been best friends since college and have kept in touch over the years, despite the fact that they have both moved on to very different lives.  Renée is single and a career woman and Colleen is a stay at home mother of 3.  However, all of this is about to be challenged when Renée suddenly appears on Colleen’s doorstep, after being dealt a blow by her boyfriend.

As Renée and Colleen try to find the groove of the friendship again (and struggle with it), we are privy to their most intimate thoughts about their lives, their friendship and each other.  Renée takes a critical eye to Colleen and  Colleen feels judged and misunderstood. While the friendship is in jeopardy, we also feel the pain which is felt by both these women – having chosen paths in life that they are now questioning at every turn.

One of the best aspects of this storyline is the two contrasting lifestyles – pitted almost against each other – singlehood and motherhood – which one is REALLY the best?  After reading The Honesty Index, I no longer have a clear cut answer, except to say that apparently ‘the grass truly is always greener on the side’.  As we struggle with both women, who are unhappy with their life choices, I had to wonder about destiny and whether we can really control any of it.

One thing comes through loud and clear in this novel is that friendship can survive, despite what life throws at you. In fact, WE can survive what life throws at us if we are willing to keep an honest heart and an open mind.

Needless to say, I loved, loved this novel.  The author takes a look at a subject matter that has fascinated me over the years, especially since I have myself lived it with some of my friends.

Once again, the tone of the novel is engaging and down to earth – no boring details or detours that detract from the story.

I loved, loved it – of course!

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