2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, September 16, 2013


Thank you to the wonderful people at Source Books and Net Galley for sending me a copy of this ebook.

TITLED:          Trafficked

AUTHOR:       Sophie Hayes

GENRE:           Memoir


Reading Trafficked was an absolutely harrowing experience.  In fact, I could only read a few pages at a time and had to put the book down because I found myself facing all kinds of emotions - ranging from rage to shock to anger.

If you are looking for a book that will basically draw out every emotion you can have, with a true story to tell, then you have to get Trafficked.

Yes, this book is very similar to the movie "Taken" which is actually mentioned in much of the promo material that goes with this book - but let's face it - Taken is a movie and what Sophie Hayes lived is not.

Sophie didn't have the worse life in the world but she always seemed to be looking for "something" and that something  appeared in the form of a man - one she thought she could trust.  He takes her away from her life, her dysfunctional family and her friends.  He becomes abusive and forces Sophie to work the streets.

What is so scary about this story, apart from the obvious pain human beings can inflict on each other, is that while there were plenty of  warning signs for Sophie - she chose to ignore them, as many of us would have probably done.

This man was not an obvious monster walking around with a sign that said "I am a bad man"....in other words, this story *could* have happened to many people.

I use the would *could* because, I have to admit, that at times, when reading this very well documented and presented story, I found myself shaking my head at Sophie and wondering why/how she could be THAT blind.  Yet, I can also understand how other people can influence your thoughts and start making you doubt yourself.

This book is scary and creepy and makes me hate humans a little bit.  I read once that only human beings hurt their own kind for pleasure - animals never do that an I was thinking about this when I read this book.

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