2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, April 19, 2014

REVIEW for On the Rocks

Read through NetGalley.

TITLE:                On the Rocks

AUTHOR:           Erin Duffy

GENRE:              Contemporary Fiction


I am a huge fan of this author's first book, Bond Girl, in fact, I have re-read that book quite a few times (something I rarely do).

I was, to say the last, incredibly enthusiastic to read her second book On the Rocks.

First off, although I received an electronic copy, I have seen the proposed cover for this book and its beautiful - I am a "cover" fan and have actually reached for books (and discovered some great gems) that were attractive to me, even if I had no clue who the author was or what the book was about.  So, On the Rocks has my vote when it comes to beautiful covers.

Now, about the story line itself.

I loved it!  This could be my entire review, but I have to explain further (of course LOL).

The opening scene basically sets up the entire novel - Abby is thrilled as she tries on wedding gowns - she is getting married soon - but quickly things fall apart as she learns, through Facebook, while trying on wedding gowns that she has been dumped by her boyfriend.

I sat with that a moment and truly thought about it, is this what our world (and life) has become? followed immediately by the thought "wow, what a coward".

But what follows is an absolutely hysterically funny scene between Abby and "the coward as I have come to name him" where she confronts him.  I am sorry, but that scene was both sad and comical at the same time, which set the tone of this novel.

Grace, Abby's somewhat crazy friend (who has issues of her own) convinces Abby to take a summer home with her and as it turns out they have to share with a few guys who turn out to be not so bad as friends.

I loved the Abby and Grace relationship - and I loved that we get to explore a bit of Abby's own self-destructive ways in the process.

Although this novel focuses on Abby trying to find herself and re-invent herself, there is a strong bond between the friends (for better or worse) that I found endearing.

This book is extremely well written and intelligent, as was Bond Girl.  It is also warm and funny and I loved it.

I admit to still loving Bond Girl a tad more - mainly because it was set in the world of high finance, which I am partial to, but On the Rocks is a wonderful read that will appeal to chick lit lovers and lovers of contemporary fiction.

Read it - on the beach if possible :)


bermudaonion said...

It sounds like I need to read one of Duffy's books!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Hey this book sounds really good! Thanks for the review Tina!

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