2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, June 13, 2015


As you know, I did not attend BEA this year.  Fortunately, my friend and fellow Montreal blogger Cindy did, which meant that I would get to hear all about the event - at our usual BEA Recap Breakfast- something we have been doing for the last three years, because I haven't gotten to attend BEA since 2012.

First though, Cindy dropped by my house bright and early this morning to "drop" off a few "goodies".  I love how Cindy's definition of goodies is like a ton of stuff.  I unpacked everything when I got back from breakfast and I literally did not have enough room to layout everything so I could take pictures.

Granted not everything is BEA related - Cindy is a lover of cosmetics and has been purging some of her stuff in the last year and that means I happily inherit it - all of it is brand new, never opened and since I cannot possibly "use" everything she gives me, I, in turn, give it to my friend Sharon, who takes a few items and then turns around and offers the rest to her co-workers.  Talk about paying it forward LOL...

Here is a breakdown of the BEA stuff I received:

  • 5 beautiful tote bags, one actually has my last name on it and my favorite bag has a pictures of ladies in a book club (antique style!) ;

  • Two great magnets for my fridge (including one that says I books NYC;
  • Magazines she picked up at BEA
  • A finished copy of - Exposed by Judith Graves
  • and..... three advanced copies:
She also brought back the Publishers Weekly magazines that are given out on each show day.

For the non BEA stuff, Cindy brought along for me:

  • Magazines
  • Hello Kitty Cologne
  • A TON of eye make up (see the bag on the couch in the first picture, that is full, full)
  • A TON of nail polish (yes, there are dozens and dozens of bottles in this bag)

Soooo, I have taken a bunch of items myself and now, Sharon is heading over here to get the rest of the stuff (and believe me, it looks like I didn't even make a dent - there is so much left).

After I received my goodies, we left for breakfast and had a great meal at our favorite little cafe. For some reason, neither one of us took pictures today, but we normally do.

We had a great talk and recap of BEA - it was fun to hear all about it and while I was sad not to go to BEA, it does not sound like I missed anything major.  As for the books they were giving away, because I am so picky about what I read (no vampire, no undead, etc) I would probably have ended up bringing home like 5 books and guess what !  Cindy brought them back for me so its win-win.

Before going our separate ways, we went to a quick flea market held in the yard at the elementary school I use to go to.  It felt weird being back there, especially since they added all these extra buildings to the main school!

Lots and lots of kids stuff for sale - which neither Cindy nor I needed, but I did pick up some Thomas the Tank books for my friend's son and JOY!!!! I found a Hello Kitty for me - it needs to go into the laundry, but otherwise it is in excellent condition.

What a good day.  Thank you Cindy of Cindysloveofbooks.com  (you know I am horrible with html and tagging LOL) you are generous, as always.  GO VISIT HER BLOG :)


bermudaonion said...

Cindy is a sweetheart! BEA was fun but not as lively this year as it has been in the past.

Unknown said...

I love the antique-y bag!

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