2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, August 10, 2015

REVIEW for If You Leave Me, Can I come with You?

A huge thank you goes out to Claire McKinneyPR, LLC, for sending me a hard copy of this book.

TITLE:            If you Leave Me,  Can I Come with you?

AUTHOR:     Misti B.

GENRE:        Spiritual/humor


I have strayed from reading daily meditations and this book has brought me back to doing it every morning.

If you Leave Me, Can I come with you? is both endearing and empowering, some days the meditation is funny and irreverent and other days, it is more thoughtful and deep. Having said that, however, I loved getting up in the morning and thinking "I wonder what I will get today?".

This book takes difficult subjects (spirituality, growth and introspection) and turns all of it into something fun - it doesn't feel like "work" it feels deep, funny and interesting.

There are many  Al-Anon references and the book does focus mainly on co-dependency issues, but the good news (or bad!) is that everyone, in my opinion, is co-dependent of something/someone - so this book is for absolutely everyone.

Some pages/passages/sentences made me sit and pause more than others, but the book is written as a humourous tool to help us get through the day, one funny day at a time.

I recommend you buy this one and read it every morning, its a great way to start your day.  

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