2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

REVIEW for Run the Risk by Allison Van Diepen

Thank you to HarperCollins Children for approving me for an electronic copy of this book.

TITLE:                    Run the Risk

AUTHOR:               Allison Van Diepen

GENRE:                   YA

RATING:                  5 STARS

I have read ALL of this author's books and love all of them.

I immediately hooked onto this one, Mateo and Grace are wonderful characters and I like that Grace is smart and responsible and Mateo is - well - basically Grace, but with a darker past.
The writing is engaging, the story moves along at lightning speed and before I knew it, I was done.

Feeling frustration for Grace and a father who is not present and leaves it all on her, to a brother who struggles but can't see the path he is taking will kill him and to Grace herself who doesn't seem to know how to set boundaries.

Feeling frustration for Mateo who seems to have a purpose in life, is kind but can't seem to be "without" a gang.

Feeling admiration for both as they try to rise above all of it, while being kind, loving and responsible.

I loved, loved this book BUT I am starting to feel two things:

1)  That I need to start suspending my disbelief a little bit (some of the scenarios are a bit unrealistic) and
2)   This author use to write edgier stuff - StreetPharm comes to mind (like I said, I have been reading her stuff from day 1)
She needs to get back to more gritty - where NOT everything turns out perfectly.

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