2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Book REVIEW for Inside Out by Demi Moore

TITLE:                 Inside Out

AUTHOR:            Demi Moore

GENRE:                Memoir

RATING:               3 stars


I admire people who are willing to write memoirs - it must be incredibly intrusive and I find them very brave.

Having said that, if you ARE going to write a memoir, wouldn't it be great if you actually didn't gloss over a ton of things.

Firstly, this book is not very long and the tone of the story feels rushed.

Secondly, while Moore details her childhood in painful detail, it becomes repetitive very quickly, 

However, when it comes to the (let's face it) parts where many of the general public (who buy this book) would like to hear more about, she generally spends about a page or two and then moves on.  

I was interested in her experiences working on "About Last Night" in which she is excellent.  I also wanted to learn a lot more about the set experiences on "A Few Good Men"..... she covers these, almost as an afterthought.  

She spent pages and pages on her childhood and not enough pages on her adult life.  

The writing is fun and she easily makes you feel comfortable.

I just wish it had been different.

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