2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

REVIEW for The Killing Circle

I reviewed this book for: www.MiniBookExpo.com

You can visit the author's website at: www.andrewpyper.com

TITLE: The Killing Cirtle

AUTHOR: Andrew Pyper

DATE: Augsut 2008

GENRE: Mystery-Thriller

RATING: 4 Stars

Andrew Pyper wrote a wonderful first book called Lost Girls. I remember thinking how proud I was that he was Canadian. So, of course, when his most recent book became available for review, I jumped on it. The Killing Circle is a "thriller/mystery/whodunnit".

What I like about Pyper is that you can never really categorize his books in just one area.In this newest entry, our main character Patrick Rush is an ordinary guy, who is down on his luck. His wife just recently died and somehow, his writing career at the paper seems to be on a downward spiral. He longs to write "that" novel, but somehow does not seem to have much to say. In an attempt to get some ideas and rejuvenate himself, he joins a writing circle - which at first glance appears to be a mistake - until he meets Angela. Angela is a mother, but she tells tales of this Sandman - a horrible man who comes into the night and does horrible things. Rush finds himself fascinated and returns, week after week to hear more. The only problem is - the Sandman appears to be real - a dark man has appeared and is re-creating the grisly scenes that are "imanaged" and "told" by Angela.

Rush gets this idea - should he offer to write the "true story" of these murders? and why do they sound so familiar? how can this be happening? It is very difficult to write this review without giving anything away. As always, Pyper does not use the standard thriller ploys to get the story moving along. We remain unsure of the intentions of ALL of the players until the end of the storyline. There are some serious twists along the line (one in particular that I really did not expect). I kept asking myself, is it possible that Rush has lost his mind?

Pyper writes with style, he often uses poetic storytelling that lures you into a different world - only to yank you right back out with a grisly scene. He is unlike any other writer of this(ese) genre(s) I have read.On some level Pyper is the Paul Auster of the mystery world. You start off one place with the storyline and you end up at a completely different place and you never know how you got there - except that the ride was exceptional.What a wonderful read

1 comment:

Chrissy said...

I've just recently heard more about this book and I'm really happy I read this book because I was on the fence about reading it or not and this post definitely helped me find my answer.
I'm looking forward to this one!!

One I would love to share with you - same type of genre by an author named Ellis Goodman - called Bear Any Burden.
I found it fast paced. It draws you in quite quickly so be prepared for that.
I hope you enjoy my pick... I will let you know how I like The Killing Circle.

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