2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

REVIEW for The Kings of Innocence

TITLE: The Kings of Innocence
AUTHOR: Michael Burns
DATE: 2007
GENRE: Novel
RATING: 4 stars
I was asked by the author, Michael Burns, to review this book.
Roy McGrath is part of the twenty-something generation, he is done with school, lives in an exciting city, has a beautiful girlfriend and a great job - life is good.

When he is asked to come back home to babysit his kid brother, while his parents go on a vacation, Roy comes home. As soon as he returns home, Roy meets up with some of his old crowd and immediately finds himself getting back into that groove and living into that world of booze and endless parties - with no regard for the consequences.
Although most of Roy's friends are onboard with the partying, he will find himself becoming conflicted with both his conscience and his desire to finally grow up and be a man.

I liked this book - its was a coming of age story, but is not at all preachy or annoying. You can see Roy throwing himself headlong into his "old" life, but you can also see that, in many ways, he is rebelling against this - and against the life that is now telling him that he finally needs to start growing up.

Men have a hard time growing up - it seems - at any age. I am not surprised by this novel at all and I think that Burns does a good job of showing us a realistic look at how difficult it must be for men to go from boys to men - if they ever really do.
The writing style is realistic, honest and down to earth. This was a very interesting read and this is a small book (218 pages) so, it was also a quick read.

If you like to read coming of age books (this one about a guy) - then this is a definite buy.

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