2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, September 19, 2008

REVIEW for Wheeling the Deal

TITLE: Wheeling the Deal
AUTHOR: Chip Jacobs
GENRE: Memoir
RATING: 3 Stars
Wheeling the Deal by Chip Jacobs is the story of Gordon Zahler who is a quadriplegic who managed to surpass his handicap and become a Hollywood fast talker and smoozer.
In fact Gordon Zahler managed to accomplish many, many things in his life by living hard and partying hard. He got married and even created an independent postproduction shop in Hollywood.
Chip Jacobs, the author, decided to write Gordon' story - and this seemed fitting as Chip is actually Gordon's nephew.

What follow is a entire book based on the many exploits of Gordon Zahler, from the first time Chip meets his uncle to the very end.

As I read this book, I could not help realizing that I did not like Gordon Zahler at all, although I had to admire his guts and his "nothing is going to stop me" message. That is the positive that I got from this book - anything can be done if you set your mind to it. Yes, Zahler certainly accomplished much, but he also seemed to have a knack for getting people to serve him - as a matter of fact, Jacobs actually mentions this towards the end of the book. Would Zahler has gotten so far if he was not the manipulator that he was???? Doubtful.
I thought this book was well written and it appears, to me, that Jacob has a love/hate relationship with his uncle.
I just thought this book was okay.

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