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2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review for A Mile in my Flip FLops

TITLE: A Mile in My Flip FLops
AUTHOR: Melody Carlson
GENRE: Chick Lit
DATE: 2008
RATING: 3 stars

I am a fan of chick lit so when I saw the cover I picked this one up. This is going to be a difficult book for me to review because I actually had a love/hate relationship with it.

First off, I am a little annoyed that this is a christian based book and NOWHERE on the cover or back does it say this. I have no problem with christian based books at all - actually I have read quite a few, but I don't like being deceived and I feel as though by not indicating this anywhere on the covers that is what happened. I did enjoy the book alot. The main character, Gretchen (or Greta as she is sometimes known) was actually smart and a great character. She did get annoying at times with her "I am woman hear me roar" attitude - all the while knocking down the electricity and breaking pipes.

Still, she was quite likeable and not portrayed as a helpless female. I also liked the storyline of flipping a house. Actually, I am quite impressed with anyone who can do this - so the storyline was one of personal interst to me. What also worked for me was the great relationship between Gretchen and her dad. It felt wonderful to read about a daugther - father team that was not at each other's throat.

Now, what did not work for me. First of all, as soon as the name of the male character was introduced you just KNEW where this book was going (which is about page 20). But that's okay, its chick lit and its fun when the girl gets the guy.

What was great was the fact that the book does not become all about the relationship and nothing else - so this was a big plus. However, the whole Gretchen pulls back as Noah is Mr. perfectly wonderful and accepts her wholly because of God was a huge stretch for me and kind of made this book a little cartoonish for me. I mean, Gretchen walks around either clueless about Noah or telling herself that he is not interested and then bam! they have a moment where they gaze intently into each other's eyes and he drools (I added the drool part).

Yet, he is there to help her with her dog, her house and everything in between and she STILL remains partly clueless. Nah, this did not work for me. The other thing I did not like about this book is the last 15 pages or so!!

Somebeody gimme a break!!!! If that happened to me, my mother would be locking me in up in my room until I regained my mind!!!! The writing is fun and an easy read and I have to say that I am now reading Carlson's YA series - which I think will work better with her conservative type of writing. As I intitially mentioned, I liked this book, but really had to leave my logic at the door.


Alea said...

I too prefer to know what I'm getting into before i start a book. It should at least be in the summary or something if it's a religious fiction book.

PS You must be a speed reader or something! I can get up about one to two reviews a week!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes "leave your logic at the door" is what you need ... if you know what you're getting into.

Good for you for finishing it, with they rocky start!

Amy said...

Well, I know publishers so I know that Waterbrook Press is a Christian pub. Having said that, not telling you anywhere on the cover that it's Christian fiction is about as helpful as not telling you if there is going to be explicit sex scenes or a lot of foul language. I think that's what is SO great about bloggers...we can inform each other! :)

I agree with you about this book. I couldn't buy the huge leap in their relationship at the end! My favorite character was Riley, the dog. ;)

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