2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Tina has read 8 books toward her goal of 37 books.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


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This is a meme that has been here and there and everywhere in the blogosphere with a bookish theme - Here are some rules:Pretty simple. Now findin 7 weird things about me (not hard to find, believe me).....

1- I never read a book twice;

2- If i don't like the book by the first 60 pages or so, I don't read it;

3- I cannot read in bed - if I do, I ALWAYS fall asleep;

4- I have been known to drop a book in the bathtub as I was reading it;

5- I love the smell of a new book;

6- I have a secret fantasy of finding a mysterious, beautifully bound first edition at a thrift shop;

7- I hate people who sniffle - I have been known to actually pull out a kleenex and offer it to a perfect stranger who was sniffling next to me (yeah, I know it has nothing to do with reading, but it is my weirdest thing about me!).

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Serena said...

Wow...Never read a book twice...not even one you loved?

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