2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

REVIEW for The Book of Michael

A BIG thank you to author Lesley Choyce for being kind enough to send me this wonderful YA novel


TITLE: The Book of Michael
AUTHOR: Lesley Choyce
RATING: 4 Stars

The story of a young man who is judged and sentenced partly based on "assumptions and judgement" is a touching and scary story.

Lesley Choyce chooses to write about a subject that is not often mentioned but makes for compelling reading. Indeed, Michael is young and looking for trouble - he meets Lisa and they begin a relationship - yet, how could such a relationship, with two such people survive? - it doesn't and Lisa ends up dead. Michael is the naturally accused, especially since he and Lisa had sex (of god!) prior to the murder. Michael gets sentenced and six months later, the real killer confesses.

This novel has so many different aspects going for it at the same time that I wasn't sure where to start. First of, I love the way Choyce does not make Michael out to be some kind of "poor little me'. We are actually privy to Michael's thoughts for most of the book, including at the beginning where he knows exactly (in my opinion) what he is getting into with Lisa. Michael WAS looking for trouble and found it.

Another aspect of this novel that I loved is the fact that Michael is primarly condemned because he was having sex with the victim!!!! There is an interesting sub-text about society and preconceived judgements here!

Finally, I really enjoyed the second part of the book where Michael is now released from prison and finds that although he is out of jail, he is still somehow locked up by again, the stigma of preconceived ideas from society in general.This is an extremely thought provoking book and I loved it. No fluff here.

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