2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

REVIEW for The 12 Step Buddhist

A big thank you goes out to author Darren Littlejohn for sending me this wonderful book on recovery!!!

TITLE: The 12-Step Buddhist
AUTHOR: Darren Littlejohn
GENRE: Addiction and Recovery
RATING: 4 Stars

I believe that an addiction is in part, about loosing your way spiritually. I am also a huge believer in the 12 step programs and in the voice of the buddha. I was therefore thrilled to discover this book which, in essence, incorporates two of the most powerful tools against addiction - the 12 steps and the Buddha way of life.

What I liked, for the beginning of this book is that the author does not trash either forms of belief - rather he constructed his book on the fact that one belief ties in and compliments the other one beautifully.

This book is loaded with personal experiences - those of the author and how he has looked to both 12 step and the Buddha to help him find his way. This book is definitely about belief in a more spiritual way of living and it is about understanding your limitations as a human being.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be encouraging and supportive.

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