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2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, April 20, 2009

REVIEW for Farley Follows His Nose

A HUGE thank you goes out to Deanna at Harpercollins for sending me this great, great book
TITLE: Farley Follows His Nose
AUTHOR: Lynn Johnston
GENRE: Comic Strip
RATING: 5 Stars
I only read a handful of comic strips on a regular basis and Lynn Johnston, who happens to be Canadian, is one of the ones I never miss - her For Better for Worse series is wonderful. At the beginning of the series, Lynn created a character by the name of Farley - who was prominent in most of the series. He actually grew older as the characters did. Eventually Lynn had to kill Farley as he was getting to be an old dog in the series and she wanted to keep the strip realistic. Let me just say that this caused a major stir among lovers of her strip.

Although I understood the reasoning, I could not get myself to read the strip in which Farley dies as a hero - saving the youngest daughter April from drowning. It is only after several months that I could manage to read that particular strip and I have to say that everytime I read it, I cry, actually, I have tears in my eyes right now just writing this.
I have read all of the "Treasury" books in this series and Johnston actually does bring back the memory of Farley occasionally in her current strips. She created three strips called "Farley's Spirit" which can be found here: http://www.fbofw.com/features/farley/ and I thought these were so beautifully made.
Needless to say, I jump on any book that looks at Farley and Farley Follows his Nose is an absolutely beautiful story of a very lively, young and vibrant Farley. He loves people, but he loves food more - so one day Farley's nose tells him its time to stroll around the neighborhood in search of good smells and good food.

Along the way, he meets up with a little boy who is all by himself at a party. Farley makes friends with him but must leave him in order to keep tracking the wonderful smells. Soon, Farley is lost - and walking around wishing he was home. He bumps into the little boy who is also lost and together they make their way safely home.

This book is a hardcover with colorful and beautiful drawings - the storyline, while quite short, delivers a sweet message and I love the way Johnston can take a cute little story like Farley and his nose and turn it into a touching book.
I loved, loved this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donna said...

Great review, Tina! I also loved Farley. Sounds like a really cute book.

Amber said...

I'm a fan of the For Better or For Worse strips. They've always had a bit of truth to them.

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