2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, April 20, 2009

REVIEW for Enlightenment for Idiots

A big, big thank you goes out to author Anne Cushman for so kindly sending this book along to me!!!

TITLE: Enlightenment for Idiots

AUTHOR: Anne Cushman

GENRE; Novel

RATING; 4 Stars

I am on a quest to read all things yoga and pilates. What I particularly like are novels that feature yoga and the inner workings of this spiritual journey. I found this in the absolutely delightful and perfectly titled book 'Enlightenment for Idiots' written by Anne Cushman.

First off, it is obvious that Cushman has extremely good firsthand knowledge of the subject matter. She has created, in her main character, Amanda - a funny, flawed and perfect heroine. As the book opens, we find Amanda sitting in as a 'sub'. The descriptions of Amanda's thoughts as well as the yoga studio (both are entertwined) immediately made me love this novel. I particularly loved that Amanda is not one of those perfectly, perky, sage yogis....she is an average person, who happens to enjoy yoga, but al the while trying to find some serenity and a level of calm in a very chaotic world.

As the book progresses, we find out that Amanda is a writer and has, by pure chance, happened upon the opportunity of visiting India and writing about 'all that spiritual stuff' before its too late (according to Amanda's editor who is clearly clueless about what yoga, India and inner peace is all about. The book details Amanda's arrival in India and then goes on to wonderfully describe Amanda's spiritual and emotional growth (two steps front, one step back). We can actually see the progression Amanda is making - particularly when she will get hit by a major surprise that will make her question everything around her.

I really enjoyed the writing style - the author uses humor and dry wit and it works very well. You will want to go out and discover India or, at the very least, try downward dog at least once. I highly suggest this great read.

The only little thing I hated was that this book was hardcover - this book should have been published in trade paperback - much easier to tote around. But I see through www.amazon.com that this book will be coming out in trade paperback this summer!!!

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