2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, April 10, 2009

REVIEW for Yoga Inc.

A big thank you goes out to author John Philp for sending me this book to read!

TITLE: Yoga Inc.

AUTHOR: John Philp

GENRE: Business

RATING: 4 Stars

I am a huge fan of Yoga and was absolutely dying to read this book. Yoga Inc. is a highly comprehensive look at the history of yoga – or rather the commercial side of the practice.

From the estimated beginnings of Yoga right up to today’s ‘hip and with it’ attitude about yoga, author Philp covers absolutely every aspect of the practice.I was fascinated by a lot of what he writes. I thought particularly interesting was a look at the “different schools” of yoga and how various people, it seems, just lay claim to them as their own invention or "twist" on yoga.

I wish to challenge the author’s point of view that yoga, in our day and age, is anything BUT a spiritual journey. On some level, I absolutely agree with this view – if we rely on the well researched information provided by Philp, Yoga has, indeed, become quite a business, in which we, the public, looking for some kind of comfort are ready to spend thousands on "all things" yoga. However, for those of us who have found value in the benefits (both physically and spiritually) of yoga, I would argue that the commercialization of yoga (basically what is going on out there) will not affect my view of a practice that has only managed to make my life better.

However, I will absolutely admit that I would like to see more “spiritual” inclinations towards yoga and less “commercial” crap about it and the author does make some extremely valid statements in his book.It does seem to me that every time we turn around, someone, somewhere has managed to make another buck out of the practice of yoga.

A fine example is of simply picking up a yoga magazine – the ads almost outweigh the articles. Yes, I have to buy into the commercialization somewhat, but for me, it is worth it because, in the end, Yoga is something that I choose to do regardless of its ever increasing commercial aspects.

Still, this book makes for fascinating reading.

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