2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

REVIEW for Blindman's Bluff

Thank you! thank you! Deanna at HarperCollins Canada for sending me this book.

TITLE: Blindman's Bluff

AUTHOR: Faye Kellerman

GENRE: Thriller

RATING: 3.5 Stars

I have been reading Faye and Jonathan Kellerman's books since the beginning so I am fairly use to their individual styles of writing.

Blindman's Bluff is the newest by Faye Kellerman. Decker and Rinna are back and so are most of Decker's crew, including Scott and Marge. I like that Kellerman has continuity in her books and I am thrilled that this book focuses mainly on Decker and his investigation of a very strange murder, which took place in a home that sounds as though it could compete with Neverland Ranch.

From the get go, Decker finds himself in the middle of a murdered family - with the exception of one son - still alive but badly wounded. What makes this so spectacular is that the murder husband and wife are rich, rich and that they had a ton of bodyguards taking care of them.

As Decker and his crew are called to investigate, we will find a maze of guilty parties, of people who may be innocent but are not and a family that has more secrets than the Manson family.

I love, love it when Kellerman features her book around Decker. I have always felt that the Rinna character should always be a background character as she always felt a little too "perfect" for me (not to mention high, high maintenance) and fortunately, in Blindman's Bluff, although Rinna is featured, she is NOT the main storyline.

Decker and his crew are wonderful together and we get to see them interact alot in this novel - particularly at the beginning of the story where there is a little bit of dark humour about them all needing maps to get around the gigantic house (I am sorry, but some of these exchanges had me laughing).

The murder itself was a tad confusing at times because there were soooo many characters involved in this storyline. You really had to be focusing on reading this book or you would end up getting lost. But the flip side of this is that I had no clue who the actualy murderer(s?) was/were? and when you get to the end you will end up going "okay".

There is alot of information about gangs and gang members (not to mention tats) in this story and I kind of found that interesting.

However, the big, big piece for me is that Kellerman has kept many of the religious aspects out of her book this time and this is sooooooooooo greatly appreciated by this reviewer. Although I have no problem with incorporating religion and various views in novels, they should NOT dominate the storyline and in many Kellerman books (especially her early ones) this was often, often the case. Not so in this one and I am grateful.

This book is a good read, but it is highly focused on the detective work - there are no huge car chases or other surprises that will make this book move at a quicker pace. If you like procedural looks at an investigation then this is a great book to read.

Overall I enjoyed it.

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Bingo said...

I am so jealous...I love this author....wish it were a giveaway!

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