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2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

REVIEW of the best tv show - The Good Wife

I am completely in love with the new TV show "The Good Wife" starring Julianna Margulies and Chris Noth.

I have been watching this show from the beginning and it somehow gets better and better every week. So I thought I would do a review of it.

I was completely hooked by the storyline - a prominent man (Noth) gets caught cheating on his wife with a hooker - and they have the videos and the pictures to prove it! This, of course, absolutely crushes Alicia Florrick - the Good Wife (Margulies) - as she stands by her man publicly, she tells him privately "that nothing will ever be the same". However, both Alicia and Peter will have lots of time to think about their futures as Peter is jailed for corruption while he was in his position as State's Attorney. So, not only does Alicia have to deal with the constant stream of videos showing her husband asking for sexual favors, she now has a convict as a husband. As Alicia struggles to find her balance, she decides to go back to work as a lawyer and with each episode, you see that she grows stronger on her own - and will, in my opinion, ultimately decide that her cheating husband is not worth it and (hopefully!) cut him loose!!

There are a couple of things that really capture me about this show;

First, both Margulies (who I never cared for in ER) and Noth (who I always care about - whether he is playing Detective Logan in Law&Order or Mr. Big in Sex in the City) give excellent performances every week.

There is a scene towards the end of one of the earliest episode where Margulies sits on her bed with her laptop and finally steals herself and actually watches (for the first time) the YouTube videos of her husband asking a hooker for sex - the look on her face is amazing! For every woman that has ever been betrayed by a man - that look said it all.

I also like the fact that Alicia is really struggling with the whole betrayal. Its not cut and dry for her, but you feel as though she has a level of dislike for the man that she once loved unconditionally and he seems perfectly clueless about this. In one episode, he says very calmly to her, while they are visiting in the prison courtyard "everything will get back to normal soon" to which she calmly responds "nothing will ever be the same again". Perfect and so sad.

Finally, I love that the Alicia character is strong and despite being the center of media attention and the butt of many jokes, she keeps her head up and does what she needs to do to survive!
Let's hear it for girl power!

You have to watch this show on Tuesday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m.


Wall-to-wall books said...

Haha! Yes! I LOVE this show!
I am actually waiting to watch it in 7 min. I can't wait. I have been going through withdrawal the past few weeks!!!! I can't be1lieve you love that show! How funny!

avisannschild said...

I'd heard of this show, but knew nothing about it. I must admit I liked Margulies on ER and your review has me intrigued. Not that I need more shows to watch!

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